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The construction industry represents a gargantuan part of our lives and economy. It’s an industry that enjoys high levels of investment from the government and plays a core role in the infrastructure of our society. Without a healthy construction industry, a nation and its inhabitants are unlikely to flourish socially or economically.

The very lifeblood of the construction industry is bricks and masonry. Quality material is essential to the success of any construction project, so making sure that you have access to a wide range of high-quality building supplies and masonry products is crucial.

Glasgow Brickyard is the largest brickyard in Glasgow, so if you’re in the market for bricks or masonry services, like brick cutting or brick matching, then look no further. We’re the preferred brick supplier and distributor for builders, architects and DIY enthusiasts in Glasgow and the wider West Scotland region.


We’re Expert Glasgow Brickmakers

At Glasgow Brickyard, we have over three decades worth of experience in supplying and providing commercial and domestic clients with building supplies of the very highest quality. If you’re working on a public sector contract, own a construction firm, or you just want to build a barbecue in the garden for when the summer comes around, we’re the brick manufacturer and distributor that you can count on.

If you’re unsure of what exactly you need, we can provide you with the expert knowledge you require to complete a successful construction project. Our staff are friendly and impartial and, because we have the largest stock of bricks in Scotland, we can be your one stop shop for house bricks or any other masonry products you need.

Our sales centre, based in Glasgow, is one of the biggest brick showrooms in the UK. We have over 300 products on display from market leading manufacturers so there is bound to be something to suit your needs.

We’ve also made a conscious effort to ensure that we are reducing our impact on the environment. Bricks are naturally friendly for the environment as they last for hundreds of years and can be recycled easily for a number of different projects. As the storage space we own is so large, we can also ensure that we supply bricks in loads that remain economical, so our transport doesn’t have to keep making multiple trips.

Elsewhere on our product list is brick tiles. Also on show at our showroom, these are a great option for home improvements. Bare brick is in high demand for properties, so this is a great choice for a feature wall to add style to your home whilst keeping costs at a manageable level.

We have the ability and the know-how to produce any brickwork in any colour that you would like, and we can also supply recycled bricks if you’re looking for a more weather-beaten finish. This is an even cheaper option but it can add plenty of aesthetic value to the correct project.


We’re Brick Manufacturers Who Deliver

As well as owning the largest stock of bricks in Scotland and one of the largest brick showrooms in the UK, we’re also well known for our brick delivery service throughout the entirety of Scotland. When time matters to your commercial or domestic project, we will always ensure that your bricks arrive in a timely manner. Our drivers are well versed in customer service and will always ensure that you have a positive experience and the delivery of your bricks is fast and effective.

We have delivery vehicles with 10-foot reach which means that we can drop off the products you’ve ordered wherever is convenient for you. This means that there is no need to rent any transportation. Our delivery cost is a flat rate per order so, no matter how many bricks you order, our service is highly cost-effective. Our delivery personnel are able to drop off bricks, concrete blocks, cement or sand so this option is suitable for any need.

Also available as part of our expert service is brick cutting. Most bricks manufactured are available in a set of regulated sizes. However, we know that often this isn’t suitable for every project. When that’s the case we also provide expertise in the field of brick cutting. For when the size of a standard brick isn’t going to cut it, we’ll cut it for you! All you need to do is take a trip to our showroom, choose the bricks you need, provide the dimensions of any cutting you would like and then you can either collect them yourself or we’ll deliver them for you.


Precision Brick Matching for Any Brick 

Our 30 years of experience and expertise in masonry and bricks means that we have an unparalleled knowledge of brick-matching. If you need a copy of a brick already in your possession, then we can make an accurate mimic of absolutely any colour. You don’t even need to bring in the brick! All we need is a colour sample or photograph to advise you on what bricks to choose for a credible match.

Whether you require red, yellow or grey, we can make an accurate representation. If the bricks you’re looking to match are weathered too, we can make sure that aesthetic is consistent throughout the project you’re working on.

This service is particularly useful if you’re working on a renovation project of a listed construction. In these circumstances, it’s essential that the overall aesthetic of the building remains the same. The integrity of the overall look of the building in this situation is crucial to make the renovation look as natural as possible. This is the same if you’re looking for a particular shade of buff brick for a patio, driveway or new build construction project.


Find Your Stonewall Alternative to Traditional Brickwork

When traditional red, yellow, grey, or even repurposed bricks aren’t right for the construction project you’re working on, stonewall offers a visually appealing alternative and a robust structure.

Stone bricks are incredibly sturdy, durable and weather resistant. The weather in Scotland can sometimes be harsh, so stonewall and stone brick products might be the perfect solution for your project. If you’re unsure of what type of stonewall would be best for the project you have in mind, then our friendly staff will be able to provide honest and impartial advice so that whatever you choose will be a success. From our showroom, we can give you an overview of all of our products and assist you when deciding which to go with and how you would like to get it home or on site.

It’s a nice idea to utilise natural stone masonry, but this can be an expensive option. However, stone bricks are a low-cost alternative which still looks great and is both weather-resistant and robust. There is even a range of colours and sizes for you to choose from. Whether you’re working on an entire property, a driveway, enclosed outside area or a garden wall, stone is a great alternative to traditional brickwork.

Another option to think about is concrete bricks. This material is a more lightweight option, but retains its durability and is great for both internal and external construction. As part of our service, we can supply all of these options and more for any clients whether they are commercial or domestic.


Visit Us

If our products and services sound like they’d be of use to one of your projects, whether it’s large scale or a DIY endeavour, come in and visit our showroom. We’re located at 512 Blochairn Road, Glasgow, G21 2DZ and open from Monday to Saturday. You can call us on 0141 552 7766 or email us at helpdesk@gbybrick.com. We have masonry products and bricks for sale, so why not have a look and see what special offers we currently have.

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