The Hottest Home Renovation Trends For Autumn 2018

By December 3, 2018General
red brick getting laid

2018 is a big year for home renovation, with a lot of new trends emerging as people get more daring. Less people may be moving home, but more people are investing in their nest or at least doing it up for a future sale. If you’re wondering what’s hot right now, then you’ve come to the right place, Glasgow Brickyard, suppliers and distributors of high-quality building supplies, have collected a definitive list to give you some creative inspiration if you’re considering a home renovation.

  1. The spa bathroom

Just have a look at Pinterest or Instagram and you’ll see that everyone is going crazy for a spa bathroom at home, and why not? It’s nice to have a little luxury at home and a marbled effect on your deep tub can make you too feel like Cleopatra. Jacuzzi baths have become commonplace and people are adding earthy tones to give the feeling of bringing the outdoors in. Add a heated towel rail and some fluffy towels and you’ve got yourself a home sanctuary.

  1. Bigger kitchens

Everyone always congregates in the kitchen, from the kids doing their homework to the wallflowers at parties. The kitchen is the heart of the house and increasing its size simply opens it up and lets it be multi-purpose. Open floor plans make life easy and allow people to move around. Kitchens are a high-ticket item on a house-buyers list so investing in it can reap rewards at a later date. Make sure you have plenty of storage and natural light pouring in and it’s a very attractive place to be. Which leads us on to the next trend…

  1. Let the sunshine in

Replacing smaller windows with larger ones and leveraging your view of the outside has definitely been high on the wish list this year. New windows let people save on energy bills and keep the heat or cool in where required. Letting the light in gives more space to a room, so it can do wonders for smaller homes. The more natural light a home can let in the better.

  1. Textures and shapes

This is a big trend in apartments and small homes in 2018. Textured patterns give life to a space and you can add it on one wall or even just your cushions. Mosaics and tiles are popular too. Move away from squares and circles and be adventurous with hexagons and chevrons to stay ahead of the trend.

  1. Wabi-sabi

Last but by no means least, THE design buzzword of 2018 is wabi-sabi  – the Japanese concept of “embracing imperfection”. This is great because it means looking for the beauty in imperfection and not having your home look like a showroom. Mismatched furniture, vintage pieces paired with new – go with your own style and still be cutting-edge.

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