Surprising Home Renovation Projects Where You Should Consider Using Brick

By November 29, 2018General
piles of different bricks in shelf

Brick is often used along the exteriors of properties to help boost curb appeal and insulation. However, there are many other areas of your home where you may want to add brick to the mix.

The following home renovation projects benefit from the use of brick to create a more striking impression.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

When renovating your kitchen or bathroom, you have a lot of decisions to make. Along with the cabinets and flooring, you need to choose a look for the walls. Instead of simply throwing a layer of paint on the walls, consider using brick as an accent wall.

Bricks help give these rooms a more contemporary look. You can choose from a wide variety of colours and styles to suit your tastes. Match these colours with complementary colours throughout the rest of the room to help bring out the beauty of the brick wall.

Brick Walls for Home Extensions

Adding an extra room to your house can increase the overall size of your property, boosting the value and liveability. When adding an extension, most homeowners choose to match the exterior to their existing exterior. If you already have a brick exterior, expert brick merchants can help match the bricks, creating a seamless addition to your home.

If your exterior is made of timber or covered in siding, adding a brick extension can help give your property an entirely new look. You may even choose to bridge the look between the extension and your existing property by adding a brick fa├žade to the entrance.

Choose Brick for Your Home Office

Brick is also a great choice for a home office or study. When combined with art deco furnishings, you can recreate the appearance of a stylish retro loft.

As with the bathrooms, you do not need to replace every wall with bricks or brick tiles. A single brick accent wall can make all the difference.

Update a Boring Old Fireplace

While many fireplaces feature brick or masonry mantels, hearths, and build outs, some homes feature wood cladding or other materials around the fireplace.

Updating the look of your old fireplace with new brick can instantly transform the entire room. While replacing the cladding or other materials with brick, you may also consider adding brick tile to other walls in the room to help create more of a balance.

These are just a few home renovation ideas that will surely benefit from the inclusion of brick. The next step is to visit a brickyard and begin selecting the right materials for your renovation project.

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